Cheap Virtual Office

cheap virtual office

If you’re looking for a cheap virtual office space, you’re not alone. There are many companies that offer this service. These include Sococo, Davinci, InstaSpaces, and Allied Offices. Each offers a unique combination of features and price. But which one is right for you?


Sococo is an excellent virtual office service that lets you work virtually from anywhere. Its flexible space allows you to collaborate with other people, share documents, give presentations, and more. It also comes with features like virtual “knock” for when you need to communicate with your colleagues. It integrates with other tools, and you can download its mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The service comes with an affordable price, and you can choose from various packages. You can also choose between different locations. The price varies, and each package includes different features. Some packages come with secretarial and IT support. Sococo has a long history of building virtual businesses.


If you are looking to set up a virtual office, you’ve probably considered a service such as Davinci. They offer a number of features, including meeting spaces, flexible work environments, and live receptionists. They’re also well-known for their flexibility and customer service, which make them a great choice for remote workers.

One feature that distinguishes Davinci Virtual from other similar services is its mail forwarding capabilities. You can forward your business mails to the correct address, while also protecting your privacy. The service also offers many add-ons, including lobby directory listings and mail scanning.


InstaSpaces offers cheap virtual office services to entrepreneurs on a budget. For only $19 per month, you can have a business address with mail handling and phone answering services. The service offers a variety of services to suit different needs. For example, you can choose to receive phone calls on a toll-free number or a local number. You can also have a phone directory listing. Depending on the services you need, you may also choose to have access to meeting rooms or access to a receptionist.

The company offers cheap virtual office services in premium business centers. These are available on hourly or monthly rental, and they come with full documentation, including an address and telephone number. You can customize your plan with InstaSpaces, and the prices are lower than some competitors’.

Allied Offices

Allied Offices is one of the premier providers of virtual office services. This company operates on the latest technology, allowing customers to be as mobile as they want while still maintaining an office presence. Its services include live receptionists, conference rooms, and virtual phone systems. For small businesses that don’t require a full staff, this is a great option.

The company has offices across the United States and Canada, with a primary location in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to providing cheap virtual office solutions, Allied Offices also provides mail handling services, telephone number, conference room sizes, video conferencing, and more.


If you are considering renting a virtual office, Regus may be the ideal solution for you. They have offices in over 100 cities worldwide and offer a wide variety of packages and rates, starting at as little as 46 euros per month. In addition to providing a business address, their virtual offices also come with additional amenities like a virtual phone number and access to coworking lounges.

Regus’ virtual offices come with high-end features, including business phone numbers that help you manage incoming calls and enhance your professional image. Other features include professional virtual meeting rooms and reception desk services that allow your employees to interact with clients from any location.