Getting a Virtual Address in Singapore

virtual address in singapore

Getting a virtual address in Singapore is a great way to grow your business. The benefits of a Singapore address include access to conference rooms and meeting halls, which can be helpful for business meetings or demonstrating new products. Not only does it provide you with a local office, but you also gain more flexibility and can expand your business faster.

Downtown Core

A virtual address in the Downtown Core is a great choice for a business in Singapore, because of its convenient location. Located near major transportation hubs, this district is highly accessible by public transport. Additionally, this part of the city is ideal for those who are looking for a healthy work-life balance. The Downtown Core is also where Singapore’s modern history began, when Sir Stamford Raffles first landed here in 1819 and established a free port in Southeast Asia. Today, the Downtown Core is home to several major corporations, government institutions, and government offices.

A Downtown Core virtual address in Singapore provides access to numerous locations in the city-state, including business and retail properties. For example, companies can choose from a number of locations near the National Gallery, including several Michelin-starred restaurants.

Jurong Lake District

The Jurong Lake District is a new district in Singapore, the second largest after the CBD. It is the site of the Jurong Lake Gardens and is surrounded by the Jurong Lake. It is well connected to the city via the North-South Line, the Cross Island Line, and the Jurong Region Line. The area is also well-connected by foot, with cycling and walking paths. In addition, the Jurong Lake area will soon be connected to the islandwide cycling network.

The Jurong Lake District is an exciting investment opportunity for companies looking to relocate, set up a campus, or scale their operations. Its expansive land parcels and flexible zoning allow developers to pursue imaginative master planning, while also ensuring commercial viability. The district offers many advantages for businesses, including opportunities to build flagship buildings and test new urban solutions.


If you’re planning to set up a virtual office in Singapore, you should consider registering for a CEO Suite virtual address. This Singapore-based company offers a full range of virtual office services that will help you project the perfect brand image. The company’s office in Raffles Place is well-known for its high client retention rate. Its friendly staff will gladly welcome you at the office, and it also hosts occasional tea-parties. If you’re looking for a professional, yet relaxed working environment, then you should consider registering with this service.

CEO Suite is a first-class business centre with private suites, co-working areas, and meeting rooms. It is located in the heart of Singapore, in a building occupied by many multinational companies. The office is on the 37th floor and offers an excellent view of the city. It has modern and elegant office spaces and a penthouse lifestyle hub.


Rikvin is a Singapore-based firm that provides complete corporate solutions. Their services include Singapore company registration and incorporation, as well as professional services pertaining to compliance and financing. They offer competitive pricing and clearly explain all costs and procedures. As a result, clients are assured that all of their needs are met.

If you are based in Singapore and don’t have a Singapore office, Rikvin can provide you with a registered address, a virtual office phone number, a live receptionist, and meeting room facilities. In addition, Rikvin offers two types of answering services. The Premium Service includes personalized call handling, while the Standard Service is fully automated. Premium customers also get call recording and call forwarding services.