Where to Get a Business Address in Singapore

business address in singapore

If you’re new to Singapore, or you’re starting a new business there, you may wonder where to get a business address. There are several options available, including Registered office, Virtual office, or residential address. Regardless of the location, there are some advantages to having a business address in Singapore.

Registered office address

As an entrepreneur, having a registered office address is a crucial part of registering your business in Singapore. Not only does this address serve as the main place for communicating with customers and suppliers, it also fulfills your legal obligations. It must be accessible to the public and open during business hours. It should also have a valid email address, so that you can receive government notifications and banking correspondences.

Using a registered address can be useful for both local and foreign companies. For one, the location is important, as incoming mail can be a reminder of important filing deadlines or changes in government policy. In addition, the location is also important if you plan on inviting potential investors or customers to visit your company. For instance, if you are based in a remote industrial park, attracting prospective clients will be difficult. It is also important to be near a well-known landmark if you plan on meeting customers and investors.

While it may be tempting to use your home address for your registered office, it is not advisable. You will need to obtain approval from the government before changing your address. Also, you may sell your business in the future and need to update the registered office address. Therefore, it is important to choose a physical address in Singapore as your registered office address.

Virtual office

A virtual office in Singapore is a great way to establish your business presence without spending too much on a physical office. In Singapore, physical office space is very expensive and can be challenging to maintain. Using a virtual office address in Singapore has many benefits for both the company and employees. The most obvious advantage of this option is that it is cost-effective.

HeySara offers several options for companies wishing to use their address in Singapore. They can choose from prestigious CBD locations, like Peninsula Plaza, and also benefit from regular mail alerts. You can also choose to upgrade to their other services such as enterprise solutions and meeting facilities. The Executive Centre also has global membership options, making it possible for businesses to use a virtual office address in a variety of countries.

While most virtual offices in Singapore include local mail forwarding, others offer overseas mail forwarding. Typically, these packages charge $100 a year, although there may be a volume limit. EZCorp offers overseas letter forwarding for $5 a letter, but other providers do not publicly state these rates.

Residential address

If you are planning to open a business in Singapore, you can register it using your residential address. However, there are some restrictions. For example, you will need the permission of your landlord. It is not allowed to accept clients at your residential address. If you want to register your business in Singapore using your residential address, you must ensure that you meet all requirements. It is also advisable to check with your landlord beforehand.

You need to prove your residency by submitting a proof of address. This document will show that you have a residential address in Singapore. It will also serve as proof of address when you are opening bank accounts in Singapore.